How to Start a Blog in 2019

If you want to work in the field of blogging then how do you start the blog, and what else will start if you start the blog this year, at least how much you will start to run the blog and tell you all the details. How to do that.. 
What do you need for running blogs First of all you need a domain name. Now you will say if you get a free domain or you have to take it, then I would like to clear that both types are free to run the blog, but you can run the subdomain It has to be switched on for those people who do not want to earn money by politically or blogging, they just want to have something inside them, then write down if the logo If you do not need it, then you will not come. 
But if you take a career in blogging then you will have to brand. You will have to work in the search engine. And you will have to make a blog absolutely professional. So seeing this, I told you that you will have to take the domain name first. You have to register a domain by visiting the domain registrar's website.
How To Start a Blog

If you buy a shop like a web shop, you need a home to be kept in the shop first, whether you own a house or a renter if you are a new blogger, it is better to hire a house than to rent. After that the shop will have to be named, that means you have to buy the domain. After that you must add the domain to your web hosting. Now your hosting has been added to your domain. Now if someone opens your website, then you will get a blink. If you do not have the same store in your shop, you will have to install the CMS first to get the domain open for the shop. For this, you will have to install the CMS first.  WordPress is the world's most popular CMS you have to install in your web hosting. Once installed, you have to type the article there.
Now talk about the regular price for the domain name of the cost between 600 and 800, depending on your extension. Such as: .com, .org, .net etc.
If you are setting up a blog for the first time, many domain registrar companies give you the domain name 99. After that, you can spend the cost of hosting 199 Rupees every month for blog start up. Overall, you are going to spend between 3000 to 3500.

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